About US

Company profile

New section of (DWAPCO)- Deep Water Petroleum Services and Agencies. Located In Egypt- Maadi. Through the past years DWAPCO has been improving its capacities to construct a new section in Steel Fabrications. Growing its projects to become a major company in Egypt and Middle East.

Our services have widen to offer clients a various range of products, provide them the most optimum Steel structures, and to serve the giant organizations in both Local and Global market to meet their best requirements and expectations with high quality level.

DWAPCO offers Steel Manufacturing and installation with all accessories, structural solutions, and Engineering study. We match the International standards to ensure customers satisfaction.

Our Vision

To create the best Steel Construction Company in Middle East. To become the most reliable Steel Manufacturer , service and solution provider Locally and Globally.

Our Mission

To improve Steel Products and all related services, providing more integrated solutions. To Focus on continuous improvements and highest Business Standards to satisfy our Clients and the market needs. To create products that surpass the needs of today and for the future.



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